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Gary Ng - Businessman (Sydney - Australia)

I saved 80% on my Dreamtrip compared to the best prices I found online. Enough said! Thank you WV!

Christos Varnavas - Ex Military Officer & MD (Cyprus)

One of the greatest experience my wife and I had, was a cruise in Jamaica and Cayman islands where we did zip lining in the jungle, we walked the famous river of Jamaica and we swam with Stingrays in the middle of the ocean, which was simply breathtaking! You Should Be Here!

Apostolis Tegopoulos & Maria Grigora, Entrepreneurs & SRs (Greece)

In April 2016 we decided to go to the Mega Dreamtrip in Costa Navarino located in Messinia, Greece. Costa Navarino has been voted as one of the best Resorts in Europe and as Greeks, we know that prices there are hot like fire, but not if you are a Dreamtriper. We stayed in an amazing 65sq.m room with our own pool, we swam in the clearest blue waters, we had amazing parties and delicious breakfasts, but the most important thing was that we shared all these amazing experiences with our friends from all over the world. Thank you Dreamtrips.